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The James River Barge Line, 64 Express, offers a cost effective, environmentally friendly, congestion relieving, and  reliable alternative to all truck freight shipments to and from Hampton Roads.  We are, for all intents and purposes, a trucker on the water and provide seamless container service to and from your door.  Our truck/barge service, offered via partnerships with high quality trucking companies throughout central Virginia, is competitive with all truck rates.  

The 64 Express allows direct and convenient access to shipping lines calling APM and NIT. We've brought the ports of Hampton Roads 100 miles west! Bookings can be made by email to   MORE>>


Our Services

64 Express, is a tug and barge container service operating between the Port of Richmond and the Port of Hampton Roads. With eastbound departures every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and westbound every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, 64 Express provides an effective environmentally friendly congestion relieving reliable alternative to all freight trucking shipments to and from Hampton Roads. 64 Express is owned and operated by the James River Barge Line, LLC, a Norfolk Tug company holding.

Our Locations

64 Express operates along the James River between the Port of Hampton Roads and the Port of Richmond.

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To get more information about the availability of 64 Express to meet your transportation needs feel free to contact us at (757) 545-1981.